So much more than a regular babysitter

Do you have a special celebration or event coming up? Or perhaps you and your partner need a night out? Whatever your situation, it’s not easy leaving your baby in the hands of someone else. Unless of course, you choose Nest Nannies.

Our babysitters hit the ground running

At Nest Nannies our babysitters are all certified or qualified Maternity Nannies or Maternity Nurses.

In other words, we’re all highly trained and experienced in all things baby – from feeding and sleeping to settling and sterilising. Your handover with us will be quick and efficient. And you’ll be walking out that door full of confidence and smiles.

How it works

We can come to your home any time from 5pm for a minimum four hour shift. We are also happy to accompany you to a venue and care for your baby there so that you can enjoy yourself, for example if you have a wedding to attend.

And although we’re here primarily to care for your baby, we’re also happy to care for siblings too.

Looking for an expert babysitter to care for your baby when you’re out?

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