Service T&C’s

How to book

When you’re ready to book, please call or email us – or fill out our website contact form. Once we have a clear understanding of what you’re after, we’ll send you a booking request form and quote via email (which is valid for 48 hours).

Registration fees

If you’re new with us, you will need to pay a registration fee of $33.00 (GST inclusive). This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and is an administrative charge to locate a suitable staff within our team to match your booking requirements. To view our team click here. However, if a suitable staff is not available, this fee remains NON-REFUNDABLE. If no suitable staff is found within 7 days, we will cancel your booking request. We are happy to extensively search, advertise and interview external candidates for 7-14 days for a placement fee.

Upon valid client registration, you have full access to book our services. Please note that if you cease to use our services within a 12- consecutive months timeframe, your registration will be deactivated and archived in accordance with our privacy policy. Once your client file is deactivated, you will need to re-register with payment to use our service again.


Once we have received your paid registration, a deposit for each new service booking is required. Unfortunately, if the deposit is not paid by the invoice due date, the booking will be cancelled.

Deposit amounts are as follows:

One-off and casual bookings Deposit required
Maternity Nurse $200 or pay in full in advance
Maternity Nanny $200 or pay in full in advance
Night Nanny $200 or pay in full in advance
Babysitter No deposit – for existing clients only
Ongoing services Deposit required
Maternity Nurse $200 - $2,000 (depending on the nature of your booking)
Maternity Nanny $200 - $2,000 (depending on the nature of your booking)
Night Nanny $200 - $2,000 (depending on the nature of your booking)
Sleep consultations Deposit required
3 hour in-home consultation Pay in full in advance
In-home sleep training (min 3 shifts) $1,000

Minimum hours required

Service type Minimum hours
Maternity Nurse 8 consecutive hours
Maternity Nanny 8 consecutive hours however a min of 4 hours can be arranged subject to availability. For shifts 6hrs or less a $20 booking fee will appy to each short shift
Night Nanny / Night Specialist 8 consecutive hours
In-home sleep training (day or night) Approx 1-5 consecutive days/nights (typically 8-24 hour shifts)

Rates, invoicing and payments

Our rates cover the salary of your Nest Nannies professional, WorkCover, insurance, superannuation, GST (where applicable) and agency fees.

We invoice outstanding amounts at the end of every booking – or every Monday if you’re an ongoing client. Invoice terms are strictly cash on delivery (COD) (10% late fees apply).

Quotes are valid for 48hrs only. Rates are subject to change.

Placement fees

If our team is not available and or if you wish to employ the nanny/specialist direct we charge the following placement/finder fees:

Nanny – $3,000

Maternity Nanny – $3,500

Maternity Specialist – $4,000

A Nest Nannies team member – $5,000


Deposits are non-refundable and will double as a cancellation fee if you cancel after the following notice periods:

Service Minimum notice period
Maternity Nurses
Maternity Nannies
Night Nannies
48 hours
In-home sleep training / 3 hr consultations 7 days
Maternity Nurse/Night Nanny Placements 1 week for 1 month
2 weeks for 2 months
3 weeks for 3 months
4 weeks for 4+ months

Rescheduling your booking

We’re happy to reschedule your booking after a cancellation. However, you’ll only have one opportunity to do so. If you cancel a second or third time, an additional fee will apply (in addition to your deposit). We also can not guarantee you will be placed with the same staff if you wish to cancel and reschedule. All bookings are made subject to staff availability.

Occupational Health and Safety

Please provide our staff with a home/location that is clean and safe to work in. At Nest Nannies we endeavour to follow the codes of practice under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, to provide a safe workplace for all our staff and request the same of our clients as a condition of service placement.

Interstate and international bookings

Many members of the Nest Nannies team are available for interstate and international bookings.

You’ll need to cover all flights, transfers, accommodation and meals for the duration of the trip (in addition to our normal hourly or live-in rates).

Night nannies and live-in/24hr shift nannies

Please provide our night and live-in staff with a comfortable space to sleep/rest such as a lounge room or spare room – ideally close to your infant or child’s bedroom.

If your child is six months or younger, we can stay in her room if needed.

For all live-in and 24 hour bookings, our staff require 4-8 hours’ a day for naps or personal time. While we typically take this during the day, we’ll work around you. And don’t worry. We’re still on call for you and your little one during this time. Meals, snacks and unrestricted parking should also be provided.

Should paid parking be required this expense will need to be covered.

Service focus ages

  • Maternity nurses: infants 0-4/6 months
  • Maternity nannies: infants 0-9 months
  • Nannies: 6weeks – 12 years
  • Paediatric sleep consultants: 4+ months – 6 years
  • Maternity consultants: 0-4/6months

Clients will be quoted rates based on the infant/child’s age and relevant service.

Follow-up support

If your booking comes with follow-up support, this is valid for seven days (9am-9pm) immediately post your booking.

You can contact us or your consultant directly via telephone, SMS and email. And we even make house calls if appropriate (subject to availability). Additional support is available after the first seven days – but additional fees will apply.