Maternity Nannies

You can relax with Nest Nannies

Leaving your baby with someone else can feel scary, especially if it’s the first time. But with Nest Nannies, your little one will be in the best possible hands. Unlike regular nannies, our Maternity Nannies are highly qualified infant care specialists.

How we can help

Our Maternity Nannies care for full term and healthy premature infants up to 12 months (and other children). We’re here to help you:

Establish a routine for you and your baby

Help your baby sleep, feed and settle

Wean your baby and introduce solids

Care for your other children

Manage housework such as cooking, washing and cleaning

How it works

Ideal for return-to-work parents and large sized families, our Maternity Nannies can come to your home for:

24 hour care of your baby and other children (i.e. live-in)

Day and/or night care

Casual or ongoing shifts

Full-time placements for weeks or months at a time

We offer flexible start and finish times to suit your needs. And many of us travel with families if required.

Our Maternity Nannies are highly qualified

At Nest Nannies, all our Maternity Nannies come with:

Certificate level qualification in childcare

Certificate level award in maternity care, mothercraft training and or paediatric sleep training/consulting

At least 5 years’ experience working with infants in the family environment

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