Maternity Nurses

We’re always there – with expertise and care

If you’re expecting a baby or your newborn has just arrived, Nest Nannies can give you the support you need. But we’re so much more than just another pair of hands. We are qualified midwives, nurses and mothercraft experts with extensive knowledge on a baby’s first year of life.

Why bring a Maternity Nurse into your home?

We’re often called upon to help everyday families looking for extra care and support with their baby. However, many families also turn to us when dealing with the added stress of:

First-time parenthood

A mother’s physical limitations following a dicult pregnancy, childbirth or surgery

Severe sleep deprivation

Premature or special-care babies

Little or no family support

Multiples births (twins, triplets etc.)

A parent’s mental health challenges such as post-traumatic stress or postnatal depression

How we can help

At Nest Nannies we help you understand and care for your baby. Specifically, we can help you:

Establish positive sleeping patterns and routines

Learn how to change, feed, bathe and settle

Maintain a safe and tidy nursery

Understand sleep safety (as recommended by Red Nose)

Balance other life commitments (such as work or older children)

Resolve any specific issues you’re experiencing (e.g. crying, feeding, sleeping)

Our expertise goes far

We have extensive experience with:

Breast and bottle-fed babies

Co-sleeping and shared rooming

Additional needs and health concerns (e.g. reflux, colic, hip dysplasia, postpartum depression)

Premature, multiples and special care babies

How it works

Your Nest Nannies Maternity Specialist can come to you whenever you choose. We’re available for:

24 hour care of mum and bub (i.e. live-in)

Day and/or night care

Casual or ongoing shifts

Full-time placements for weeks or months at a time

Looking for respite, care and expertise for you and your baby?

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