Night Nurse

Is your baby keeping you up at night?

Babies require 24hr care day and night. This can leave new parents exhausted. With a Night Nurse from Nest Nannies, we can help support you through those long nights.

How we can help

Our Night Nurses will come to your home to:

Care for mother and baby during the night

Assist with breastfeeding (ensuring correct attachment and troubleshoot any night time feeding issues you may have)

Assist with bottle feeding, pumping/feeding and or storing expressed milk and or formula feeding

Advise on when and how to drop night feeds

Teach you about sleep safety, hygiene and healthy sleeping habits

Assist the family to facilitate a night time routine which encourages the baby (and parents) to sleep through the night with consolodated sleep stretches (6-12hrs) ASAP

How it works

Ideal during the first 8-16 weeks, our Night Nurse can come to your home for:

Casual night shifts

Regular night shifts

Full-time night placements for weeks or months at a time

Looking for a few
good nights’ sleep?

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