She had the golden touch


I was amazed by the change in my baby after just one day! Within the first hour, our Maternity Specialist identified the underlying problems surrounding his sleeping and feeding habits. She guided us firmly but gently – and clearly had the golden touch!


Karmen Wai

We love you Nest Nannies!


I’ve never used a nanny service before but Nest Nannies was great. Our nanny was friendly, supportive and practical in her approach. I trust her implicitly and wish I’d had her around for my first two babies. In the early weeks, I’d wait at the front door for her to give me some respite from endless sleepless nights. We love you Nest Nannies – you make being a mum so much more enjoyable!


Sarah Humphris

Our baby is now a great sleeper


I was extremely impressed with the professionalism displayed by Nest Nannies and their willingness to go above and beyond. Our nanny provided expert guidance and support in establishing good sleep and feeding habits for our baby. Importantly, she made us feel more relaxed and confident. We’re very happy to say our baby is now a great sleeper!


Cate, Kew

Allowed my wife to get her sleep!


Nest Nannies helped us through a dicult time and taught us so much. Our Night Nanny cared for our newborn overnight once a week, for two months. It was clear from the start that her primary concerns were the welfare of our child and allowing my wife to get her sleep.


Robert Heyes

Put us at ease instantly


I was very dubious about any form of sleep training – so I contacted Nest Nannies with caution. But from the first moment I was impressed by their understanding and non-judgemental approach. Our Nest Nannies sleep consultant put me and my baby at ease instantly. She was also very responsive with my follow-up questions and concerns.



Stepped in to save the day!


I was initially hesitant because I had my eye on the ‘Mother of the Year’ trophy and was determined to solve the problem myself. In the end, I admitted I needed a wing-woman on the job and our Nest Nannies specialist stepped in to save the day (and night). Within a week we learnt how to read our baby’s cues and had some brilliant tricks up our sleeve. By week four he was sleeping 12 hours at night – at just five months of age!


Erika Kingston

Never thought it was possible


Nest Nannies has been a blessing! Our 16-month old daughter had not slept in her bed since she was nine months old and wanted to feed continuously during the night. But she now sleeps 7pm to 7am every night! We never thought it could be possible. To top it o, our Nest Nannies Maternity Specialist was very empathetic during the process – and our daughter absolutely adored her!


Letizia Bottari, Bundoora



We were sceptical about how successful a sleep nanny would be but after three nights our son was putting himself to sleep at 8pm every night! Hallelujah! Would we recommend Nest Nannies? Absolutely!


Judith Ong

Truly incredible!


Nest Nannies taught my little one to sleep in the gentlest way. He went from waking up eight times a night to sleeping 11-12 hours straight every night in just three days. Truly incredible! The follow-up support has been fantastic too. I contacted our consultant multiple times to let her know how we were going and she always responded quickly. It is now over a month down the track and our baby continues to sleep well every night.


Katie Radly

We wish we had found Nest Nannies sooner


We can’t recommend Nest Nannies highly enough! Our six-month old was waking every couple of hours overnight and we were exhausted. Our daughter is now a great sleeper and able to self-settle. I especially appreciated the time that our sleep nanny took to get to know our daughter and tailor a plan to suit her needs and personality. We wish we had contacted Nest Nannies sooner. I now tell all my friends about Nest Nannies.


Sarah Baxter, Elwood