1. Introduction

The Nest Nannies Privacy Notice and Policy (‘Notice’) is governed by the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth), Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, Health Records Act 2001and Australian Privacy Principles and other relevant state laws, that regulate the information handling of personal and health information, including the standards for information collection, use, access, disclosure, storage, transmission and disposal in Australia.

This Privacy Notice contains important information regarding the handling of personal and health information, communicated in any format including via website www.nestnannies.com.au and submitted to Nest Nannies Pty Ltd, ABN 35 619 906 795 (‘NN’). Nest Nannies is committed to protecting the privacy of the information that we collect and manage.

By interacting, browsing and accessing NN services and associated online and web-based sites (‘Sites’), you agree to the Terms of this Notice and Sites, as modified from time to time.  The current Sites Terms of Use may be viewed here.  The current Privacy Notice can be viewed here.

Nest Nannies reserves the right to amend the Notice at any time and will provide a 30-day notification of any material changes to the Notice.


2. Collection of Information

i) Purpose:

Nest Nannies will only use personal details and health information collected about children, parents, guardians, employees and related stakeholders for the following primary purposes to:

  1. Provide the appropriate infant/child care services and maternity related advice and services.
  2. Administer and maintain those services including billing functions
  3. Contact to provide information relating to health care and treatment.
  4. Conduct feedback and surveys to gain understanding of client needs.
  5. Plan and develop business operational systems and infrastructure.

ii) Types of Information:

Nest Nannies will only collect personal information that we need to provide relevant infant and maternity services and care, for a foreseeable reason and/or directly related secondary purpose.

The kinds of information that may be collected:

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Address
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Contact Details e.g. Mobile / Email address
  6. Financial Details e.g. Person responsible for billing, Health Fund Details
  7. Infant/ Child/Mother/ Father etc, medical information and history, dietary requirements
  8. Medical Practitioner Details


iii) Sensitive Information:

The collection of sensitive information such as religious beliefs, racial ethnicity, political views, sexual preferences, criminal records or membership of groups are restricted by law.


3. Methods of Collection:

Information will be requested when users of NN service complete enquiry, registration, health history, survey, feedback via phone communication, letter, email and/or forms on the online Sites.

In addition to clients, the following third-party individuals may provide your personal information to obtain access to NN service:

  1. Family member or friends
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Health service provider and/or professional


4. Consequences of Not Providing Personal Information:

Users who do not wish to provide requested information, will need to advise Nest Nannies, in order that we may discuss any likely consequences that could impact our service standards and delivery.


5. Use and Disclosure:
Nest Nannies will only use and disclose health information directly related to provision of our services and in normal ways that is expected in the overall management of client care. Our policies and procedures are geared to treating data and information confidentially and discreetly.

In the provision of our services to you, we may:

a) transfer relevant information to third parties such as your nominated health provider / General Practitioner, health service, ambulance staff, hospital.

b) convey to your nominated contact person, information in accordance with accepted customs of medical practice, unless requested otherwise.

c) report notifiable diseases as compelled by law to certain State and Commonwealth Government agencies.

d) provide client information to a Court, under subpoena.

Nest Nannies undertake that we will not use personal and medical information for direct marketing purposes or add to a mailing list, without prior client consent.

We will only transfer health information outside the state of Victoria, if and only if the organisation receiving it is subject to substantially similar Victorian Privacy laws, under our cross-border disclosure policy.


6. Data Quality


Nest Nannies will take reasonable steps to ensure that all information collected is accurate, complete and up-to -date and relevant to the services that we provide.


7. Data Security and Retention

Nest Nannies have implemented data security measures to protect the personal information that we have in possession and that is stored in different formats, including paper and electronic.

We endeavour to safeguard data privacy from unauthorised access and modification, misuse, loss and damage.

There exist risks in data transmission online, that is beyond the control of Nest Nannies. Users assume all risks and responsibility of information submission via Sites for any loss and damages. Nest Nannies is unable to ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to us online.

Nest Nannies are required by specific government agencies and by law to retain records containing information for specific periods of time, depending on the nature of the information. Information that is no longer required is deleted securely from all storage formats in line with Privacy Principles.

In the event of closure or sale/transfer of the business entity, past and present\ service users will be duly given notice of the transfer or closure.


8. Feedback, Information Request Form and Email

Any personal information captured via these methods of contact and communication, will be treated in accordance with this privacy provisions of this Notice.


9. Link to External Third-Party Websites

This Privacy Notice does not extend beyond the Nest Nannies website, www.nestnannies.com.au.Users who follow links to other sites from the Nest Nannies Sites, are encouraged to read the terms of the Privacy Policy of external third-party websites.


10. Cookies

By interacting with Nest Nannies and using Sites, users are advised that HTTP cookies must be enabled to access the full functionalities of our online services. Users are encouraged to check and personalise their browser settings for cookies.


11. Access and Correction

Users are entitled to seek access to any personal information held about them and to make any corrections to their records should such information be inaccurate, incomplete and/or incorrect. In general, access must be in writing with accompanying identification verification and may incur a processing fee.

In special circumstances, some access requests may be declined; such as on the grounds that this access will impinge a third party’s right to privacy or that it will put another person in harm’s way.


Notes for Legal Interpretation of words and/or clauses:


The use of the words/clauses in this Privacy Notice such as “including”, “inclusive of “, “includes”, “such as” in any form, should not be construed as a word or phrase of limitation.


Contact for Information / Questions:

For further clarification on how Nest Nannies manages privacy matters and your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer by:

Mail:     Nest Nannies Privacy Officer, C/ 5 Marcus Rd, Templestowe Lower 3107.
Email: info@nestnannies.com.au

The Privacy Officer aims to give due and timely consideration to any submitted complaint. Once investigation into the matter is concluded, Nest Nannies will generally provide a response within 30 days of receipt of complaint.

More information regarding Australian privacy laws may be sourced from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website: https://www.oaic.gov.au/